Telephone News

The UK Speaking Clock

A great video on the UK Speaking Clock and its history.

The Old Days -Talkable Busy Signals

Evan Doorbell is mentioned in an article about talkable busy signals back in the old days where impromptu conferences were found.

AT&T and Frontier have let phone networks fall apart

Imagine that. Verizon as well.  

Fun with a Number 5 Crossbar and trouble cards!

The Connections Museum in Seattle finally got their trouble card machine on their #5XB to work again. Fun with trouble cards! The 5XB is a confetti machine cleverly disguised as a telephone switch. — Connections Museum (@museumofcomm) January 14, 2021

AT&T Central Office in Downtown Nashville is bombed on Christmas Day

Domestic terrorism hits the main downtown AT&T central office in Nashville, TN – knocking out communications for a good portion of town. Link to news article