Long Distance Companies (AT&T, MCI, Sprint)

In the early days, there was just one phone company – Ma Bell (AT&T Long Lines). But starting in the late 1960s there was competition. And it cost AT&T the monopoly on both local and long distance services. The phone system has never been the same since.

AT&T Long Lines, Its History and More!

The original Ma Bell (the nickname for AT&T’s Long Lines) and where it is now in the early 21st century.

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MCI and Sprint

Both MCI and Sprint provided competition to Ma Bell. This competition led to the eventual breakup of the Bell System as we knew it on January 1, 1984. However, neither of these companies exist anymore. Here’s their history and what led to their respective downfalls.

The History MCI Long Distance Company (Now a division of Verizon Business)

The History of Sprint (The former Long Distance, Local and Wireless company)