Telephone Pictures

The telephone has changed over time. As the telephone system improved, so did the telephone itself. Here are some pictures of some old telephones, and links to many others.

Telephone World’s Telephone Pictures Pages

Automatic Electric
Pictures of Automatic Electric (GTE) phones from 1920s to mid 1980s.

Western Electric
Pictures of Western Electric (Bell System) phones from 1920s to mid 1980s.

Links to other Old Telephone Collections (off-site)

Antique Telephone History Website
If you want a complete history of old (and I mean really OLD telephones), this is the place to go! Everything you wanted to know (and more) but were afraid to ask!

Tribute To The Telephone – Files and Photos
Photographs and descriptions of old telephones and telephone equipment.

Vince Budnick’s Cavalcade of Phones
Photographs and descriptions of old telephones – Western Electric, Automatic Electric, Stromberg-Carlson, and more!

Old Telephones as Entertainment
Photographs, newspaper clippings and more! Specializing on listing every single model number for every phone created! Also has wonderful picture history on prototypes. Automatic Electric & Western Electric and more!