867-5309/Jenny in All US and Canadian Area Codes

Jenny I’ve got your number

Ever wonder what happens when you dial 867-5309 in all the active Area Codes in the US and Canada? Several people have cataloged what happens over the last few years. Sadly those sites are no longer around. So I took it upon myself to start up a new list. Here’s the latest update as of May 2022.

What is this page all about?

This is a scan of the phone number “867-5309” in all of the active Area codes in the United States and Canada to determine what you get when you call this famous phone number.

Who is Jenny and what’s so special about the phone number 867-5309?

Jenny is the character from the Tommy Tutone hit in 1981 and her “fictional” phone number is mentioned in the song. Much to a lot of people’s dismay, this phone number became instant prank call fodder in the 1980s. It’s been basically a public nuisance ever since.

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Why do you have this page?

I’ve often wondered what would happen when you dialed 867-5309 in various area codes in the US and Canada. I finally decided to do some research on it. Other people have done scans like this, but they were performed many years ago (2007 or so) , and most of them are no longer available unless you look on the Internet Archive. So I decided to create my own. I figured it wouldn’t take me very long, so I just decided to do it.

How was this scan performed?

This scan was performed mostly on a Voice over IP (VOIP) phone line where the rates are fractions of a penny per minute (in US dollars). So if these actually answered, the amount I was charged was next to zero. I think I spent maybe 50 cents on the entire scan.

How long did the scan take?

The original scan in May 2022 took a couple of hours. A more thorough scan took place in late July and early August 2022.

So what did you find?

A quick synopsis is as follows:

1. A vast majority of time the number has never been assigned, especially in split or overlay area codes. The song and the number associated with the song is widely known, and most phone companies don’t assign this number for obvious reasons. Also in many cases with newly created overlay area codes, either the prefix itself or the 5000 “thousands group” is not yet assigned.

2. Sometimes you get a recording “This number is not in service” from the local phone company that serves this prefix.

3. I found a lot of times that I reached voicemail systems. Some of these have the song play as an outgoing message, while other times you hear a person (often a male voice) saying “Jenny’s not here”. One voice mailbox claims to be Tommy Tutone himself. And other times the mailbox either wasn’t set up or is full. I assume that the vast majority of these are being “parked” for future use, or just to hold on to.

4. A number of these are businesses, cashing in the famous song for those who are familiar with it. For example, there’s a pizza shop, a plumber, a welding shop, and a real estate agent

5. Some of these are “parked”, obviously people are holding on to the number either for sentimental reasons, or they be wanting to sell it at a later date.

6. Some of these are just advertisement fodder on a call gating system. Probably most of these were bought up and are in a holding pattern until someone wants to buy them.

7. And a few times you actually get to hear the Jenny song! 🙂

8. And a few times you get “Rick Rolled” 🙂

Dylan Cruz has instituted a “Jenny Message Board” on several of these numbers. It’s a voicemail system where you can either leave a message, or listen to others who have left a message.  You can go backwards with * and forwards with #

Interesting Stats:

398 total NPAs scanned
Number unassigned – 145 – 36.4%
Call gating and ads – 38 – 9.5%
Available for Lease – 36 – 9.0%
Business – 24 – 6.0%

Results from the scan performed July-August 2022, Updated August 8, 2022


201 In Use (Business – Retro Fitness)
202 In Use (Voicemail)
203 In Use (Google Voice Subscriber)
204 Plays Jenny
205 Not In Service (local recording)
206 Number unassigned
207 Call gating and ads
208 Not accepting calls (cell phone)
209 Number unassigned
210 Number unassigned
212 In Use (Fax machine)
213 Number unassigned
214 Number unassigned
215 Number available for purchase
216 Number unassigned
217 Not In Service (local recording, generic DMS)
218 All Circuits are Busy (local recording)
219 Call gating and ads
220 Number unassigned
223 Number unassigned
224 Number unassigned
225 Number unassigned
226 Number unassigned
228 Busy
229 Reorder
231 Not In Service (local recording, Pat Fleet)
234 Available for Lease
236 In Use (Voicemail)
239 Not In Service (local recording)
240 Available for Lease
248 In Use (Voicemail)
249 Not In Service (local recording)
250 Number unassigned
251 In Use
252 Number unassigned
253 Number available for purchase
254 Number unassigned
256 In Use (Voicemail)
260 Call gating and ads
262 Number unassigned
267 Number unassigned
269 Number unassigned
270 Call gating and ads
272 Number unassigned
276 Number unassigned
279 Available for Lease
281 In Use
289 Not In Service (local recording, generic DMS)


301 Call gating and ads
302 Number unassigned
303 In Use (Business – Ben Franklin Plumbing)
304 Call transfer
305 In Use (Magic Jack voicemail)
306 In Use
307 Number unassigned
308 Call gating and ads
309 Wireless customer not available
310 In Use (Voicemail)
312 Plays Jenny (Jenny Line)
313 In Use (Voicemail)
314 In Use (rings/no answer)
315 Not In Service (AT&T wireless)
316 Available for Lease
317 Call did not go through
318 Call gating and ads
319 Number unassigned
320 Number unassigned
321 Number unassigned
323 In Use (Funny line)
325 Number unassigned
326 Number unassigned
330 In Use (Business – McCutchen Insurance Agency)
331 Call Transfer (failed)
332 Number unassigned
334 Subscriber not accepting calls
336 Not In Service (Verizon Wireless)
337 Jenny Message Board (see above)
339 Number unassigned
340 Number unassigned
341 Number unassigned
343 Number unassigned
346 Available for Lease
347 In Use (MagicJack Customer Not Available)
351 Number unassigned
352 Jenny Message Board (see above)
360 Number unassigned
361 Call gating and ads
364 Number unassigned
365 Number unassigned
367 Number unassigned
368 Number unassigned
380 Number unassigned
385 Available for Lease
386 Busy


401 In Use (Business – GEM Plumbing)
402 Number not In Use but available
403 Client unavailable
404 Number unassigned
405 In Use (Voicemail)
406 Not In Service (local recording, Pat Fleet)
407 Call gating and ads
408 Available for marketing needs
409 Call gating and ads
410 Not In Service (local recording, generic DMS)
412 In Use (Voicemail)
413 Call gating and ads
414 Available for Lease
415 In Use (Fax machine)
416 Number unassigned
417 In Use (Voicemail)
418 Not In Service (local recording, French & English)
419 Number unassigned
423 In Use (rings once)
424 Available for Lease
425 In Use (Funny voicemail with Jenny)
430 Call gating and ads
431 Number unassigned
432 Number unassigned
434 Available for Lease
435 In Use (Business – Vault Gun & Pawn)
437 In Use (Business – Northern Electronics)
438 Not In Service (local recording, French & English)
440 Not In Service (Verizon Wireless)
442 Call gating and ads
443 In Use (Voicemail)
445 Number unassigned
447 Call gating and ads
448 Available for Lease
450 Number unassigned
458 Call gating and ads
463 Reorder
464 Number unassigned
469 In Use (Voicemail (Jenny))
470 Available for Lease
474 Number unassigned
475 Number unassigned
478 In Use (Funny voicemail)
479 Number unassigned
480 Available for Lease
484 In Use (Voicemail)


501 Number unassigned
502 Number unassigned
503 Number unassigned
504 Available for Lease
505 In Use (Voicemail)
506 In Use (Business – Taylor Auto Village)
507 Number unassigned
508 In Use (Funny voicemail)
509 Number unassigned
510 Subscriber not in service
512 Not In Service (local recording)
513 Number unassigned
514 Not In Service (local recording, French & English)
515 In Use (Voicemail)
516 In Use (rings/no answer)
517 Plays Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up “Rick Roll”
518 In Use (Funny voicemail (Says it’s from Jenny’s dad))
519 In Use (Voicemail)
520 Number unassigned
530 Service restricted or not available
531 Reorder
534 Number unassigned
539 Available for Lease
540 In Use (Voicemail)
541 Number unassigned
548 Number unassigned
551 Number unassigned
556 Number unassigned
559 Call gating and ads
561 Call gating and ads
562 In Use (Voicemail)
563 Available for Lease
564 Number unassigned
567 Plays Jenny
570 Not In Service (AT&T wireless)
571 Available for Lease
572 Number unassigned
573 Call gating and ads
574 Number unassigned
575 Number unassigned
579 Number unassigned
580 Number unassigned
581 Number unassigned
582 Call gating and ads
585 Available for Lease
586 Number unassigned
587 Reorder


601 Jenny Message Board (see above)
602 In Use (Business – MyGuy Referrals)
603 In Use (Voicemail)
604 Client not available
605 In Use (rings/no answer)
606 Number unassigned
607 Number unassigned
608 Busy (supes)
609 Not In Service (local)
610 Jenny Message Board (see above)
612 In Use (Business – Paul Bunyan Plumbing)
613 In Use (Voicemail)
614 Number unassigned
615 Call did not go through
616 Number unassigned
617 In Use (Business – Gem Plumbing & Heating)
618 In Use (Voicemail)
619 Call did not go through – Network Difficulties
620 Not In Service (local)
623 Number unassigned
626 Number unassigned
628 Available for Lease
629 Available for Lease
630 Number unassigned
631 Number unassigned
636 Call gating and ads
639 Number unassigned
640 Number unassigned
641 Number unassigned
646 In Use (Voicemail (supposedly Tommy Tutone))
647 In Use (Voicemail)
650 Number restricted or unavailable
651 Reorder
656 Number unassigned
657 Call gating and ads
659 Number unassigned
660 Not In Service (local)
661 Call gating and ads
662 Call gating and ads
667 Available for Lease
669 Number unassigned
670 Number unassigned
671 Number unassigned
672 Number unassigned
678 Not In Service (local recording, generic DMS)
680 Available for Lease
681 Reorder
682 Number unassigned
683 Number unassigned
684 Number unassigned
689 Number unassigned


701 In Use (Business – 5309 Tavern)
702 In Use (Voicemail (male voice referring to Jenny))
703 Number restricted or unavailable
704 Available for marketing needs
705 Number unassigned
706 In Use (Voicemail)
707 In Use (Voicemail)
708 Number unassigned
709 In Use (Voicemail, Jenny)
712 Not In Service (local)
713 Number unassigned
714 Number unassigned
715 Number unassigned
716 In Use (Voicemail)
717 In Use (rings/no answer)
718 Reorder
719 In Use (Voicemail (male voice referring to Jenny))
720 Reorder
724 Plays a quick classical music tune, then hangs up
725 Available for Lease
726 Number unassigned
727 In Use (Business – Ben Franklin Plumbing)
731 Number unassigned
732 In Use (Voicemail)
734 Number unassigned
737 In Use (Conference line)
740 Not In Service (local)
742 Number unassigned
743 Available for Lease
747 Number unassigned
753 Number unassigned
754 Number unassigned
757 In Use (Business – Danny’s Auto Glass)
760 In Use (Voicemail)
762 Plays Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up “Rick Roll”
763 Number unassigned
765 Reorder
769 Number unassigned
770 In Use (rings/no answer)
771 Number unassigned
772 Number unassigned
773 In Use (rings/no answer)
774 Number unassigned
775 Number unassigned
778 In Use (Voicemail)
779 Available for Lease
780 Number unassigned
781 Busy
782 Number unassigned
785 Call gating and ads
786 In Use (funny voicemail)
787 In Use (rings/no answer)


800 Number disabled
801 In Use (Voicemail)
802 Available for marketing needs
803 Number unassigned
804 In Use (Voicemail)
805 In Use (Voicemail)
806 Not In Service (local recording)
807 Plays Jenny
808 Number parked
809 Not in service (local recording, English & Spanish)
810 In Use (Voicemail)
812 In Use (Businessÿ – Space Monkey Records)
813 Call gating and ads
814 In Use (funny voicemail)
815 Thank you for calling, we are currently closed
816 Not In Service (local recording)
817 Number unassigned
818 Call gating and ads
819 Number unassigned
820 Number unassigned
825 Number unassigned
826 Number unassigned
828 Call transfer
830 Call gating and ads
831 Available for Lease
832 In Use (Business – Wedgeworth Plumbing)
833 In Use (Business – Mixhits Radio (Jenny, virtual assistant))
838 Number unassigned
839 Number unassigned
840 Number unassigned
843 Available for Lease
844 Not in service (local recording, generic DMS)
845 Busy
847 In Use (Business – Profile Pictures)
848 Number unassigned
850 In Use (Business – Carrie Routt, Keller Williams Success Realty)
854 Reorder
855 Call gating and ads
856 Number unassigned
857 Call gating and ads
858 Call transfer
859 Number unassigned
860 In Use (Voicemail)
862 Available for Lease
863 Call gating and ads
864 Available for Lease
865 Available for Lease
866 In Use (Business – Ben Franklin Plumbing, Number changed)
867 Number unassigned
870 Not In Service (local recording – Pat Fleet)
872 Available for Lease
873 Number unassigned
877 Toll Free Number Has Been Disconnected (AT&T)
878 Number unassigned
888 Call gating and ads


901 Busy
902 In Use (Business – Century Nissan)
903 No Routes Found
904 Call gating and ads
905 In Use (rings/no answer)
906 Number unassigned
907 Not In Service (local recording)
908 Call gating and ads
909 Silence (call didn’t go through?)
910 In Use (Business – Blandon’s Heating & Air Conditioning)
912 Available for Lease
913 Number unassigned
914 In Use (Voicemail)
915 In Use (Voicemail)
916 Not In Service (local recording)
917 Not In Service (local recording)
918 Not In Service (local recording)
919 Plays Jenny
920 Not In Service (local recording)
925 Not In Service (local recording)
928 Call gating and ads
929 Not In Service (local recording)
930 Call gating and ads
931 Number unassigned
934 Call gating and ads
936 In Use (Business – Hashtag Welding (nod to Jenny))
937 Thank you for calling, we are currently closed
938 Available for Lease
939 In Use (rings/no answer – international ring)
940 In Use (Voicemail)
941 Call gating and ads
943 Number unassigned
945 Available for Lease
947 Customer Not Available (Verizon Wireless)
948 Number unassigned
949 Call gating and ads
951 Not In Service (local)
952 Number unassigned
954 Not in service (local recording)
956 In Use (Voicemail)
959 Reorder
970 In Use (Business – Totally 80s Pizza)
971 Available for Lease
972 Number unassigned
973 In Use (Business – ConvergeOne – non working number)
978 Not In Service (local recording)
979 Busy
980 Available for Lease
983 Number unassigned
984 Available for Lease
985 Available for marketing needs
986 Reorder
989 In Use (Voicemail (Jenny’s voicemail))


This was a fun and quick project (only took me a few hours). I’ll keep this up on a semi-regular basis (only every few months). If you know of any changes, please use the Contact form (link in the upper right of the page) and let us know. Thanks!


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