Connections Museum Visit Parting Comments

Note: I wrote these “parting comments” back in 2005, over 15 years ago. As I’m updating the site in early 2021, many of these comments are moot and obsolete. Modern day comments will accompany the original comments. This was not a knock on the caretakers and volunteers of the museum, rather was hoping for some improvements for the experience. However, I hope to visit the museum someday after the current worldwide pandemic of 2020-2021 is eventually over.

I wrote this page in 2005, so that’s now 19 years ago as of January 2024. Almost all of that is now “OBE” (Obsolete By Events) and I will eventually repage the site and remove this page since that all of my comments have been addressed in way or another by now. So nothing to see here anymore! (grin)


Connections Museum Seattle Pages

Brochure from the Connections Museum Seattle
The brochure of the museum from 2005.

Museum Background
This page provides a brief background about the Museum, why it exists, and who runs it.

Third Floor Tour – Switching Equipment and more
Page 1 | Page 2
The tour starts on the third floor. Here is where you find old electo-mechanical switching equipment, old teletype machines, analog carrier equipment, old reel-to-reel tape recorders, and even an old AM radio transmitter.

Second Floor Tour – Old Telephones and more
Page 1 | Page 2
After the tour of the third floor, down the elevator you go to the second floor to check out the old telephones and other equipment.