Miscellaneous Vintage Sounds


Here are some more vintage sounds that are uncategorized.

“Old Busy”

A busy signal, possibly from a Number 1 Crossbar or a Panel office.

“Old Dial”

The sound of someone making a telephone call on old Number 5 Crossbar (#5XB) office. You hear the dial tone, the sound of a rotary dial, and the ring back signal.

“Old Phone”

A combination of several things in one phone call. You hear the sound of an “empty” line, then dial tone and dialing a call to a supervision test. This is originating from a #1XB, routing thru a XB-Tandem (listen to the MF), and terminating in a Panel office. Listen to the rapid clicks of the “revertive pulsing” from the Panel Office to the XB-Tandem.

“Old AIS #1”

An old Automated Intercept System announcement from the early 1970s. This is from an Audichron machine. The voice is of the late Jane Barbe.

“Old AIS #2”

An old Automated Intercept System announcement from the late 1970s. This is from a Webochron machine.

Old UK Speaking Clock

A recreation of the famous Speaking Clock from the United Kingdom. The original system that dates back to 1936 consisted of a lot of analog hardware (motors, glass disks and vacuum tubes). This modern recreation uses samples from the old clock with modern computer technology. This recreation is maintained by Telephones UK. (At the third stroke…)


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