Telephone News

The Old Days -Talkable Busy Signals

Evan Doorbell is mentioned in an article about talkable busy signals back in the old days where impromptu conferences were found.

AT&T and Frontier have let phone networks fall apart

Imagine that. Verizon as well.  

Fun with a Number 5 Crossbar and trouble cards!

The Connections Museum in Seattle finally got their trouble card machine on their #5XB to work again. Fun with trouble cards! The 5XB is a confetti machine cleverly disguised as a telephone switch. — Connections Museum (@museumofcomm) January 14, 2021

AT&T Central Office in Downtown Nashville is bombed on Christmas Day

Domestic terrorism hits the main downtown AT&T central office in Nashville, TN – knocking out communications for a good portion of town. Link to news article

CenturyLink is now Lumen Technologies

More name changes and more confusion on the telecom front. CenturyLink (formerly CenturyTel, Embarq, Sprint, United Telephone, Qwest, US West, and a number of Baby Bells) is now called Lumen technologies, effective Sept. 18, 2020. They will continue to market their residential and small business services as CenturyLink, but… Read more »