What’s New

Recreating the Party Line Conference in 2021

Is there such a thing as a time machine? Not yet, but here’s a modern take on the infamous impromptu conference calls and “party lines” of the past. A novelty recreation of the old “party line” conference calls is now up and running as of Friday January 8, 2021. For… Read more »

Site Updates – November 2020

Some updates to the site as we continue our transition from our old site to this one: The pages for Cellular Phone History have been completed. The section discusses pre-cellular (with MTS and IMTS), AMPS, 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. Check out the section at the Cellular Phone History… Read more »

Site updates – August 2020

Progress is being made with site updates, migrating the old site to the new one, and also adding new content. Updates include the Links of Interest page and the Stories pages.

Website (re)construction in progress

Welcome to the new Telephone World! We are making a brand new site from scratch. If you were a user at the old site, you’ll see most of that site being recreated here, and new things added. LOTS of updates need to be made!  So hold tight while the old… Read more »