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The Beginning of the End of AT&T Operators Started in 1992

It’s hard to imagine almost 30 years ago that the first Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems were coming online to eventually replace operators. In fact, AT&T no longer has an operators. At all! They got rid of them several years ago. This video came out in October 2021, but it… Read more »

New Section – Various Virginia Telephone Recordings

Thanks to a contribution from a visitor, we have a new section – Various Virginia Telephone Recordings! Check it out!

The UK Speaking Clock

A great video on the UK Speaking Clock and its history.

The Old Days -Talkable Busy Signals

Evan Doorbell is mentioned in an article about talkable busy signals back in the old days where impromptu conferences were found. https://onezero.medium.com/the-prototype-for-clubhouse-is-40-years-old-and-it-was-built-by-phone-hackers-71389d117cad

Site Updates – January 2021

We’ve just completed our move to the new site. We’re making updates and additions as we go! Many more things will be added to the site as we go along. I’ve been keeping a lot of things in storage waiting to develop a new site to hold them all. That… Read more »