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Seattle Times article on the Connections Museum

As some of you probably know, I think the Connections Museum in Seattle, WA is the best place on Earth. Well, not 100% true, but it’s definitely in my personal Top 10. The Seattle Times published an article in January 2024 on this wonderful place. Check it out here: https://www.seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine/from-old-phones-to-volunteers-everything-clicks-at-the-connections-museum/… Read more »

New Recordings!

Sorry that I’ve been absent from this site. I’ve been busy with other projects. But I’m back for a short while. I’ve updated the AT&T General Error page with some new recordings from the “New 4ESS” (N4E) suite that AT&T has been fast bring online. Here are some recordings from… Read more »

Preserving a #5ESS Switch for Posterity

In June 2023, Telephone World was invited to participate in preserving a small #5ESS switch at a rural telephone company for posterity. This was no small feat as you can imagine! Check out the Preserving a #5ESS Switch for all the details and a TON of pictures!

A volunteer collective is setting up free pay phones in Philadelphia

  An “amateur phone collective” in Philadelphia is working to bring back pay phones to the city – just without the actual payment. PhilTel, a volunteer organization that launched in June, is planning to open its first free-to-use payphone on December 17 at Iffy Books, a hacker-focused bookshop and workshop… Read more »

Jenny I’ve got your number – 867-5309!

Most everyone knows of the song “867-5309/Jenny” from the early 80s. But did you ever wonder what would  happen if you were to dial 867-5309 in all the US and Canadian Area Codes? Check out the list that I’ve compiled and take a look at the various things you get… Read more »