Automated Intercept Local Telephone Company Recordings


The following are examples of automated intercept telephone recordings. Automated intercept recordings inform the caller the number that was dialed and the reason why the call did not complete. These calls are handled by special Automated Intercept Systems (AIS) that are a specialized computers that assemble the recordings in real time as they are announced to the caller. 

We’re still working on adding new ones to this list! We have a huge backlog!

Brooks, WI – Number Not In Service (January 2007)

An example of an AIS recording from Brooks, WI (Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative). Who in their right mind chose this woman as their AIS voice should be fired – the voice is very irritating!

Cuba, NM – Number Not In Service (Valor Telecom – January 2021) (575-385-9999)

This is three recordings in one. The funniest part is that the AIS system is broken, as it doesn’t refer you to a new number. It just goes to centralized intercept. Then repeats, then goes to reorder.

Fishers Island, NY – Not In Service (September 1999)

A couple of examples from Fishers Island, NY (Fishers Island Telephone Co – area code 631, 788 prefix). Their AIS system produces recordings preceded by MF tones. The first recording is an AIS announcement, the second one is a standard recording that plays while MF tones are still playing. (note: This AIS system is no longer in use.)

Las Vegas, NV – Number Changed to 000-0000?? (August 1999)

An AIS recording from Las Vegas, NV. Someone forgot to put in the number that calls should be forwarded to. But instead, its all zeros!

Linn Grove, IA – Number Not In Service (November 2005)

An AIS recording from Linn Grove, IA. This is an AIS example of Pat Fleet, who has performed a number of telco recordings over the years. This was recorded just before the cut-over from a traditional-style Vidar switch to a CopperCom softswitch. (note: This AIS system is no longer in use.)

Manhattan, NY- Number changed to an International Number (November 2001)

An AIS recording from Manhattan, NY informing callers that the number has been changed to an international number in France.

Melrose, MN – Not In Service (August 1999)

An AIS recording from Melrose, Minnesota. The AIS system used here is known as the Cognitronics Automated Intercept System. Note that this recording is preceded with MF tones.

Milwaukee, WI – AIS recording with TTY tones (February 2001)

An AIS recording from Milwaukee, WI (Ameritech/SBC). A number of modern centralized intercept local telco recordings have TTY tones for the hearing impaired using TTY machines. But this one is unique as it makes custom TTY tones based upon the actual phone number. Here is an example of how a changed number recording sounds with TTY tones added at the beginning AND at the end with vocal in the middle.

Milwaukee, WI – AIS (being checked for trouble) (January 2007)

Similar to the above, but this one says “being checked for trouble”. Also has TTY tones, as do most modern recordings in Wisconsin.
Source: Joe Molter

Mukwonago, WI – Number Not In Service (January 2007)

AIS example from Mukwonago, WI (CenturyLink/CenturyTel). Voice is of Pat Fleet.
Source: Joe Molter

Wawina, MN – Number Disconnected (December 2005)

An AIS recording from Wawina, MN (Northern Telephone Company of Minnesota). Notice the 2600 Hz supervision “chirp” at the end (normally recordings do not incur billing, but this one does). Featuring Allison Smith, a voice artist who voices a number of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems worldwide.

Wawina, MN – Number Disconnected (Ask your mother to help you!) (April 2006)

An update to the above recording. This one is similar to the centralized intercept recordings that were used in the late 1990s. Again, featuring the voice of Allison Smith.


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