Canadian Telephone Sounds


The following are examples of telephone sounds you can be found from Canadian telephone systems, both local and long distance companies. Though the Canadian system mirrors much that of the United States, there are some differences.

BC Tel Number Not In Service (1998)

Recording from BC Tel (now Telus). This is through a Nortel DMS machine (Notice the codes at the end 604-136).

Tri-Lingual Not In Service – Monsoonee, Ontario (1998)

This is a tri-lingual Not In Service recording. The first is in English, the second in a native language, and the third is in French. (This recording is no longer in use)

Not In Service – Nantes, QC (November 2003)

A French-only automated intercept recording (announces the number you dialed).

Not In Service – St. Lambert, QC (1998)

A French/English not in service centralized intercept recording. Notice the SIT tones are reversed.

No Calls At This Time – St. Lambert, QC (1998)

A French/English recording informing the caller that the called party does not wish to take calls at this time.

Not In Service Recording – Yellowknife, NWT (1998)

Centralized intercept recording from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. This is an example of a Cognitronics intercept system (Note – this recording is no longer being used.)

Call Not Allowed (1999)

Call Not Allowed recording from AIC long distance. Source: Dennis Wong


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